Songwriters Garden Records

Songwriters Garden Records was set up primarily to release Song Club – the album inspired by the photographs of Hannah Grace-Deller, a nurse who captured the reality of working on the frontline during the Covid19 pandemic.  The proceeds of the album which you can download below will go to The Royal College of Nursing Foundation.

Later in the year, Song Club 2 will be released featuring musicians who attended Songwriters Garden online writing weeks. Proceeds from the album will go to Help Musicians, one of our patrons.

Direct donations can be made to the RCN at:

You find the music using this link

Working on the Frontline  Jessie and The Leonards

Jessie Buckley – Vocals
Margo Buchanan – Backing Vocals
Hayley Cramer – Drums and Percussion
Hannah Grace Deller – Spoken Word
Mattie Foulds – Percussion
Neill MacColl – Guitar
Sian Monaghan – Drums and Percussion
Ben Nicholls – Bass
Stuart Nisbet – Lapsteel
Kate St. John – Keyboards and Backing Vocals

Written by Neill MacColl and Kate St. John
Published by Barking Green Music Ltd
Produced by Neill MacColl
Mixed and Mastered by Mattie Foulds
Additional recording by Wix

Video created by Kitty MacColl
Photos by Hannah Grace Deller
Video of Hannah by Joely Richardson

Inspiration by Chris Difford

From the album Song Club, released Oct 23, 2020 on Song Garden Records in partnership with The Buddy Holly Foundation and Pennard House

It Has To Be Done Judith Owen

1 Working On The Frontline (3m 53sec)

Jessie & The Leonards (featuring Hannah Grace Deller)

Writers: Neill MacColl, Kate St. John
Contributors: Hannah Grace Deller (Rapper), Jessie Buckley (Vocals), Margo Buchanan (Backing Vocals), Neill MacColl (Acoustic Guitar, Electric Guitar, Producer), Kate St. John (Backing Vocals, Keyboards), Ben Nicholls (Bass Guitar, Mandolin, Organ), Stuart Nisbet (Electric Guitar, Steel Guitar), Sian Monaghan (Drums, Percussion), Hayley Cramer (Drums, Percussion), Mattie Foulds (Mixer, Percussion)
Publishers: Barking Green Music Ltd

2 For Us (4m 27sec)

Judie Tzuke

Writers: Judie Tzuke, Gregor Grant Philp
Contributors: Judie Tzuke (Vocals), Gregor Philp (Producer)
Publishers: Copyright Control, Wixen Music UK

3 Find a Way (2m 55sec)

Sara Douga & Gregor Philp

Writers: Sara Douga, Gregor Grant Philp
Contributors: Sara Douga (Producer), Gregor Philp (Producer)
Publishers: Copyright Control, Wixen Music UK

4 Sunday (2m 46sec)

Julia Fordham

Writers: Julia Fordham
Contributors: Grant Mitchell (Producer), Julia Fordham (Vocals)
Publishers: BMG Rights Management

5 Code Sunshine (2m 58sec)

Kimmie Rhodes (

Writers: Kimmie Rhodes, Kevin Savigar, Gabriel Rhodes
Contributors: Kevin Savigar (Producer), Gabriel Rhodes (Producer)
Publishers: Deluge Music/Savigar Strikes Again, Dancing Feet Music, Bumshoe Music

6 Bittersweet (3m 16sec)


Writers: Komal Srivastava
Contributors: Komal Srivastava (Producer)
Publishers: Copyright Control

7 Sick of the Sight of You (2m 55sec)

Bill Lloyd (featuring Beth Nielsen Chapman)

Writers: Bill Lloyd, Mark E Nevin
Contributors: Jonathan Bright (Vocals, Producer, Producer), Beth Nielsen Chapman (Backing Vocals)
Publishers: Fourel Songs admin. by BMG/Chrysalis (BMI), BMG Rights Management (UK) Ltd

8 We Can Breathe (3m 41sec)

Nick Heyward

Writers: Nick Heyward
Contributors: Nick Heyward (Producer)
Publishers: Copyright Control

9 Invisible Smile (2m 33sec)

Beth Nielsen Chapman

Writers: Graham Gouldman, Beth Nielsen Chapman
Contributors: Beth Nielson Chapman (Producer), Graham Gouldman (Producer), Graeme Pleeth (Producer)
Publishers: BMG Rights Management Ltd, Songs of Prismlight Music

10 I See You (3m 5sec)

Graham Gouldman

Writers: Graham Gouldman
Contributors: Graham Gouldman (Acoustic Guitar, Bass Guitar, Backing Vocals, Electric Guitar, Producer, Programmer, Vocals), Graeme Pleeth (Hammond Organ, Keyboards, Piano, Producer, Programmer, Synthesizer)
Publishers: Copyright Control

11 It Has To Be Done (3m 1sec)

Judith Owen

Writers: Mark E Nevin, Judith Owen
Contributors: Judith Owen (Producer), Mark E Nevin (Producer)
Publishers: BMG Music Rights Management Ltd, Dog On The Bed Music admin Pen Music Group Inc.

12 If It Wasn’t For You (4m 13sec)

William Rees

Writers: William Rees and Steve Smith
Contributors: William Rees (Producer)
Publishers: Copyright Control

13 These Times.…Again (3m 9sec)

Robert Vincent

Writers: Robert Vincent, Chris Sheehan
Contributors: Robert Vincent (Producer)
Publishers: BMG Rights Management Ltd

14 Hope We All Deserve (3m 49sec)

Roisin Donald & Mairéad Carlin

Writers: Roisin Donald, Mairéad Carlin
Contributors: Ronan Scolard (Producer)
Publishers: Copyright Control

15 Hannah Takes Pictures (2m 53sec)

Kathryn Williams

Writers: Kathryn Williams
Contributors: Kathryn Williams (Producer)
Publishers: Copyright Control

16 Six Degrees (3m 27sec)

Hannah Grace Deller

Writers: Hannah Grace Deller, John Benson
Contributors: Stephanie Emery (Producer)
Publishers: Copyright Control

17 Save Us All (3m 19sec)

Jeff Cohen

Writers: Jeff Cohen, Jeff Goldford, Chris Soper, Jesse Singer
Contributors: Chris Soper (Producer), Jesse Singer (Producer)
Publishers: As You Wish Music/BMI, Silver Chevy Publishing/ASCAP, Everybody Makes Music/BMG Gold Songs/ASCAP

18 Rehashtag the World (3m 2sec)

Ruby Dew

Writers: Ruby Dew, Betty Waters
Contributors: Ruby Dew (Producer), Pete Wild (Producer), Andy Jenks (Producer)
Publishers: Copyright Control

19 Still With You (3m 27sec)

Mairéad Carlin & Ronan Scolard

Writers: Mark E Nevin, Mairéad Carlin
Contributors: Mairéad Carlin (Producer, Vocals), Ronan Scolard (Bass Guitar, Keyboards, Percussion, Producer, Vocals), Mark E Nevin (Acoustic Guitar, Organ, Producer)
Publishers: BMG Rights Management (UK) Ltd

20 All Ashore (4m 10sec)

Charlie Wood

Writers: Adam Levy, Charlie Wood
Contributors: Adam Levy (Guitar, Producer), Charlie Wood (Vocals, Keyboards, Producer)
Publishers: Karousel Music, Wixen Music UK

Maria Elena Holly, on behalf of The Buddy Holly Educational Foundation (TBHEF), has asked me to thank Chris for the tireless, dedicated, unpaid time he has spent over many years, inspiring new aspiring artists and songwriters, but also, his own contemporaries who hold him in so much affection and admiration, both as a special artist/songwriter, and also as a wonderful humanitarian. TBHEF has been honoured to sponsor/partner Chris on many influential songwriting events. Together,we look forward to helping bring a brighter future to the next generation of music talent.

In the meantime, from Maria Elena and everyone involved with TBHEF, we wish Chris great success in his latest and possibly most meaningful music project. Please support the amazing collaboration of artists, songwriters, musicians Chris has gathered together, who have graciously taken time out to contribute to this most worthy of charitable causes.

All donations go direct to those who need it most, they give so much, daily facing unbearable adversity, and continue to serve with their unique skills, compassion and dedication, please help us show our appreciation.

Thank you.

Peter Bradley Snr
Co-Founder of The Buddy Holly Educational Foundation